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Family Tree

Generals Pham-Han & Pham-Pho, Que’s ancestors, circa 860



Ong Chanh Thanh, Que’s father



Hoe, Que's wife

Bach, Que’s youngest brother

Que’s Children:

Thuc (g)

Thuoc (g)

Tung (b)

Lang (b)

Ngoc (g)

Co (b)

Sa (b)

Ngoan, Tung’s wife

Tu, Ngoan’s brother

Thanh, Tung's cousin

Vuong, Tung's cousin

Nghi, Lang’s wife

Suong, Co's wife

Cuc, Vuong’s wife

Khan, Tung’s cousin

Kim, Tung's cousin

Pha, Vuong's cousin

Tung’s Children:

Loc (g)

Nga (g)

Mai (g)

Quang (b)

Minh (g)

Phong (b) 

Thuy (g)

Khanh (g)

Tony (b)

Lang’s Children:

Lan (b)

Lam (b)

Vuong’s Children:

Sang (b)

Tien (g)

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