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Non-Family Characters – In Order of Appearance



Bo – Tung’s childhood friend

Vi – Tung’s childhood friend

Bang – Que’s seasonal worker

Father Thang – Mai Dong’s parish priest

Sergeant Phi – Uncle Bach’s colleague

Monsieur Pierre – Uncle Bach’s colleague

Anne Le Petit, Janine Le Petit and Paulette Le Petit – Monsieur Pierre’s children

Van – Bo’s Father

Father Vo – Priest in Phu Tho

Mr. Vinh – Tung’s boss at Alpha Radio

Chinh – Tung's colleague at Alpha

Hao – Tung's colleague at Alpha and later assistant to Minister of Finance

Mr. Hanh – Tung's boss at the USIS

Mr. Smith – CIA operative

Nhung – Tung’s colleague at USIS

Cong – Tung’s colleague at USIS

Mr. Tang – Tung's Chinese neighbor in Phu Tho

Xuan – Young clerk at the American Receiver Station and Ba Queo

Doung – Tung colleague at the American Receiver Station and Ba Queo

Sergeant Nhat – Tung’s boss at Ba Queo

Lieutenant Friedman – Tung’s boss at Long Binh, 1966-67 

Father Dinh – Responsible for the Ngu Phuc Orphanage

Private Varas – Australian engineer

Corporal Lefferts – U.S. Army Rifleman

Father Xien – Priest in Ho Nai

Lieutenant Harmison – Tung's boss at Long Binh, 1970-71

Mr. Nguyen – Tung's neighbor in Ho Nai

Lieutenant Higgs – Tung's boss at Long Binh, 1971-72

Lieutenant Reidy – Tung's boss at Long Binh, 1972-73

Father Thai – Colleague of Father Dinh

Truc – Fisherman

Khoi – Vung Tau Chief of Police

Father Sheedy – Priest in Lakeland, Florida

Judy – Father Sheedy's Secretary

Tony Lencioni – Tung's U.S. sponsor

Mitch Collier – Nga's husband

Historical Figures - Alphabetical



Abrams, General Crighton – Commander of U.S. forces, 1968-73

Acheson, Dean – U.S. Secretary of State, 1949-53

An, Pham Xuan – Journalist and VC spy

Bao Dai – Emperor

Blum, Robert – Head of U.S. Education and Cultural Affairs Mission

Bumgardner, Everett – USIS Officer

Bundy, William – Assistant Secretary of State in the Johnson Administration

Buttinger, Joseph – Historian and adviser to Diem

Caputo, Philip – Lieutenant, U.S. Marines

Chupik, Steve – Lieutenant, U.S. Marines

Clifford, Clark – U.S. Secretary of Defense, 1968-69

Conein, Lucien – CIA Officer

Confucius – Chinese philosopher

Cronkite, Walter – American broadcaster

De Castries, General Christian – French commander at Dienbienfu

De Lattre, General Jean – French commander, 1950-51

De Rhodes, Alexander – French missionary

Diem, Ngo Dinh – President of South Vietnam, 1956-63

Dinh, General Ton That – Participant in the 1963 coup

Don, General Tran Van – Co-leader of the 1963 coup

Duc, Thich Quang, Buddhist monk

Dulles, John Foster – U.S. Secretary of State, 1953-59

Dung, General Van Tien – North Vietnamese Army commander, 1972-75

Fitzgerald, Frances – Journalist

Franklin, Robert – Radio Officer, USIS

Giap, General Vo Nguyen – 1946-72

Goldwater, Barry – U.S. Senator

Haig, Alexander – Deputy National Security Adviser, 1969-72

Hinh, General Nguyen Van – Leader of the 1954 coup attempt

Humphrey, Hubert – U.S. Vice President, 1965-69

Hung, Nguyen Tien – Minister of Economic Development and Planning, 1973-75

Kahin, George – Academic and Vietnam War critic

Kennedy, President John F. – U.S. President, 1961-63

Kennedy, Robert F. – U.S. Attorney General, 1961-64

Khanh, General Nguyen – President of South Vietnam, 1964-1965

Khiem, General Tran Thien – Co-leader of the 1964 coup

Kim, General Le Van – Co-leader of the 1963 junta

King Jnr, Martin Luther – American Civil Rights Leader

Kissinger, Henry – National Security Advisor, 1969-75

Ky, General Nguyen Cao, Prime Minister of South Vietnam, 1965-67

Martin, General Maurice – French commander during Japanese invasion

Minh, Ho Chi aka Quoc, Nguyen Ai aka Cung, Nguyen Sinh – Communist leader, 1941-69

Navarre, General Henri – French commander, 1953-54

Nha, Vu Ngoc – Presidential adviser and VC spy

Ngo, Van Xuyet – Writer and Trotskyist

Nhu, Le Xuan – Wife of Ngo Dinh Nhu

Nhu, Ngo Dinh – Diem’s brother and leader of the Can Lao Party

Nixon, Richard – U.S. President, 1969-74

Lansdale, Edward – CIA Officer

Loan, General Nguyen Loc – Saigon Chief of Police

Lodge, Henry Cabot – U.S. Ambassador, 1963-64, 1965-67

Lu, The – Vietnamese poet

Luyen, Ngo Dinh – Diem's brother and Ambassador to the U.K. 

McNamara, Robert – U.S. Secretary of State, 1961-1968

Martin, Graham – U.S. Ambassador 1973-75

Maseur, Matthew B. – Historian

Minh, General Duong Van aka Big Minh – Co-leader of the 1963 coup

Pham, Andrew X. – Writer

Pham, Quynh – Government Minister under Bao Dai

Phuong, General – Cao Dai Officer 

Robertson, Walter – Assistant Secretary of State for Far-Eastern Affairs, 1953-59

Roosevelt, Franklin D. – U.S. President, 1933-45

Russell, Richard – U.S. Senator

Scott, James C. – Anthropologist

Shriver, Sargent – Political Adviser to President Johnson

Sihanouk, Norodom – Cambodian leader

Soai, Tran Van – Hoa Hao warlord

Stalin, Josef – Soviet leader, 1922-52

Thao, Pham Ngoc – ARVN Colonel and VC spy

The, General – Cao Dai Officer

Thieu, Nguyen Van – President of South Vietnam, 1965-75

Tho, Le Duc – North Vietnamese negotiator

Thuc, Ngo Dinh – Diem’s brother and Archbishop of Hue

Toai, Doan Van – Anti-Government Activist and Writer

Truman, Harry – U.S. President, 1945-53 

Tu, Nguyen – Journalist

Van der Kroef, Justus M. – Political Scientist

Vann, John Paul – Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army

Westmoreland, General William – Commander of U.S. forces, 1963-1968

Weyand, General Frederick – U.S. Commander of Saigon, 1968

Wilson, Woodrow – U.S. President, 1913-21

Zedong, Mao – Chinese Communist Party Chairman, 1949-1976 

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